Irfan Pathan’s sharp discussion on Indian cricket with a warning to Hardik Pandya!

Hardik Pandya has again raised questions about his form in the Delhi Capitals match against Mumbai Indians. His performance in IPL 2024 has been consistently negative, which has left even an experienced player like Irfan Pathan worried.

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Irfan Pathan's sharp discussion on Indian cricket
Irfan Pathan’s sharp discussion on Indian cricket

Irfan Pathan shared his thoughts on Hardik Pandya’s performance after the match against Delhi Capitals. He said that Indian cricket should not give so much priority to Hardik Pandya, as he has not yet excelled at the international level.

Fast bowler Irfan Pathan said in the Star Sports Press Room show

“What I feel about Hardik Pandya is that Indian cricket should not give him the same priority as they have given him so far, because we have still not won the World Cup.” He added, “And if you think you are a primary all-rounder, you need to make that kind of impact at the international level.”

Clarifying this point further, Pathan said, “As far as the all-rounder is concerned, he has not made such an impact at the international level yet. We are only thinking about his potential, performance and international exposure. There is a difference.”

Apart from this, Pathan also discussed the importance of team-game and said,

India won’t be able to win big tournaments if… “First of all, he has to play the whole year. He can’t be selective. Indian cricket has to stop doing that. Stop prioritizing individuals; if you do that, you Won’t be able to win major tournaments. For many years, Australia has prioritized the team game and made everyone a superstar, if you don’t do that, you won’t be able to win major tournaments.”

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