IPL 2024 Schedule : Start Date, Match List and Auction Details

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After having a hell lot of fun in the IPL 2023, the cricket fans are ready yet again for another season of nail-biting action that they are already waiting for the IPL 2024 schedule. The question is why would they not be a cricket crazy nation, two months of consistent cricket matches is all we want to make our summers bearable. 

The IPL, or Indian Premier League, is one of the most reputed and popular cricket tournaments globally, known for its exciting matches, star-studded teams, and electrifying atmosphere. As fans keenly await the action, let us have a closer look at the IPL 2024 schedule and what it has in store for us.

IPL 2024
IPL 2024

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BCCI Announces IPL 2024 Schedule Time Table

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has announced recently the IPL Schedule 2024 and confirmed that the league will comprise 74 matches. 

The IPL 2024 schedule has been carefully created to ensure an intense and captivating cricketing experience. The IPL 2024 start date is expected to be 1st April, 2024, with an exciting opening match between two power-packed teams at the Chepauk Stadium, Chennai. The entire season promises to be a rollercoaster ride for players and fans alike, with matches scheduled across various cities in India.

This season’s IPL 2024 schedule is designed to accommodate a total of 10 teams competing against each other in a round-robin format. Each team will play a given number of matches, giving them ample opportunities to showcase their skills and strategize their way to victory. The top teams from the league stage will then advance to the playoffs, where the stakes become even higher. 

IPL 2024 Schedule
IPL 2024 Schedule

One of the highlights of the IPL 2024 schedule is the knockout stage. The playoffs are known for their nail-biting encounters, as teams battle it out to secure a spot in the grand finale. The semifinals, scheduled on [Date], will witness intense competition, with the top four teams giving their all to reach the coveted final. The final match, slated for [Date], will be a spectacle to behold, as the two best teams compete for the IPL championship title.

To ensure an enthralling viewing experience, the IPL 2024 schedule time table includes matches in prime time slots, allowing fans to catch all the action live. Cricket lovers can expect a feast of excitement, with matches scheduled on weekends, ensuring maximum engagement and attendance. The organizers have also paid close attention to the IPL 2024 schedule with venue selection, ensuring world-class stadiums across India are part of the action.

IPL 2024 brings with it a renewed sense of anticipation and excitement. Fans eagerly await the chance to witness their favourite players showcasing their skills on the grand stage. The IPL has always been known for its star power, and with the schedule for IPL 2024 in place, fans can start marking their calendars and planning their watch parties.

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Tata IPL 2024 Schedule Match List

Here is the detailed look of the IPL 2024 schedule:

April Month Tata IPL 2024 Schedule:

01 April 2024GT vs RR7:30 PM
02 April 2024DC vs MI3:30 PM
02 April 2024PBKS vs RCB7:30 PM
03 April 2024CSK vs LSG7:30 PM
04 April 2024SRH vs KKR7:30 PM
05 April 2024RCB vs KKR7:30 PM
06 April 2024LSG vs CSK7:30 PM
07 April 2024KKR vs PBKS7:30 PM
08 April 2024MI vs RR3:30 PM
08 April 2024GT vs DC7:30 PM
09 April 2024CSK vs PBKS7:30 PM
10 April 2024SRH vs LSG7:30 PM
11 April 2024RR vs RCB7:30 PM
12 April 2024KKR vs MI7:30 PM
13 April 2024LSG vs DC7:30 PM
14 April 2024PBKS vs GT7:30 PM
15 April 2024CSK vs SRH3:30 PM
15 April 2024RCB vs MI7:30 PM
16 April 2024KKR vs DC3:30 PM
16 April 2024RR vs LSG7:30 PM
17 April 2024SRH vs GT7:30 PM
18 April 2024CSK vs RCB7:30 PM
19 April 2024MI vs PBKS7:30 PM
20 April 2024RR vs GT7:30 PM
21 April 2024SRH vs KKR7:30 PM
22 April 2024MI vs LSG3:30 PM
22 April 2024DC vs RCB7:30 PM
23 April 2024PBKS vs SRH3:30 PM
23 April 2024GT vs CSK7:30 PM
24 April 2024RR vs KKR7:30 PM
25 April 2024LSG vs RCB7:30 PM
26 April 2024DC vs PBKS7:30 PM
27 April 2024MI vs CSK7:30 PM
28 April 2024DC vs RR7:30 PM
29 April 2024KKR vs GJ3:30 PM
29 April 2024RCB vs SRH7:30 PM
30 April 2024LSG vs MI7:30 PM

May Month Tata IPL 2024 Schedule:

01 May 2024PBKS vs CSK7:30 PM
02 May 2024RCB vs RR7:30 PM
03 May 2024GT vs SRH7:30 PM
04 May 2024DC vs KKR7:30 PM
05 May 2024PBKS vs LSG7:30 PM
06 May 2024GT vs RCB3:30 PM
06 May 2024RR vs MI7:30 PM
07 May 2024DC vs LSG3:30 PM
07 May 2024SRH vs CSK7:30 PM
08 May 2024KKR vs RR7:30 PM
09 May 2024GT vs PBKS7:30 PM
10 May 2024RCB vs CSK7:30 PM
11 May 2024DC vs SRH7:30 PM
12 May 2024GT vs MI7:30 PM
13 May 2024PBKS vs RR3:30 PM
13 May 2024LSG vs KKR7:30 PM
14 May 2024SRH vs RCB3:30 PM
14 May 2024CSK vs DC7:30:PM
15 May 2024MI vs KKR7:30 PM
16 May 2024LSG vs GT7:30 PM
17 May 2024RR vs DC7:30 PM
18 May 2024CSK vs MI7:30 PM
19 May 2024RCB vs PBKS7:30 PM
20 May 2024KKR vs SRH7:30 PM
21 May 2024CSK vs GT3:30 PM
21 May 2024LSG vs RR7:30 PM
22 May 2024PBKS vs DC7:30 PM
23 May 2024MI vs SRH7:30 PM
24 May 2024KKR vs LSG7:30 PM
25 May 2024RCB vs GT7:30 PM
26 May 2024RR vs CSK7:30 PM
27 May 2024MI vs DC7:30 PM
28 May 2024SRH vs PBKS7:30 PM
4 June 2024FINAL7:30 PM

Note: The above TATA IPL 2024 Schedule is the Expected data. For official updates and announcements related to IPL Schedule 2024, you can follow us to receive regular updates. 

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Cricket Fans Excited After the release of IPL Schedule 2024

As the IPL 2024 schedule unfolds, fans can expect thrilling encounters, breathtaking performances, and unexpected twists and turns. The league has a reputation for producing close matches and intense rivalries, making each game a must-watch event. The players themselves will be vying for individual accolades and the chance to make a significant impact on the league’s history.

IPL 2024 Schedule
IPL 2024

The IPL 2024 schedule is a testament to the league’s commitment to delivering an exceptional cricketing experience. It has become a global phenomenon, captivating audiences across continents. With its mix of established superstars and emerging talents, the IPL continues to showcase the best that cricket has to offer.

So, mark your calendars, set your reminders, and get ready for the IPL 2024 schedule, which promises to be a cricketing extravaganza like no other. As the anticipation builds, fans worldwide eagerly await the commencement of the tournament, where teams will battle it out for glory, and cricket will once again take centre stage.

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IPL 2024 Teams and Captains

Below is the list of the teams and captains who will be participating in the IPL Schedule 2024. 

IPL 2024 Schedule
IPL 2024 Teams
SR NoIPL TeamIPL Team Captain
1Chennai Super Kings (CSK)Mahendra Singh Dhoni
2Mumbai IndiansRohit Sharma
3Rajasthan RoyalsSanju Samson
4Kolkata Knights RidersShreyas Iyer
5Punjab KingsMayank Agrawal
6Sunrisers HyderabadKane Williamson
7Delhi CapitalsRishabh Pant/ David Warner
8Royal Challengers BangaloreFaf Du Plessis
9Lucknow Super JointsKL Rahul
10Gujrat TitansHardik Pandya

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IPL 2024 Auction Date

Now that the IPL Schedule 2024 has been put out by the BCCI, the auction date is soon to be announced. The IPL 2024 auction is expected to be held at Bangalore as it does every year. 

For more clarity on IPL 2024 Auction Date and IPL Schedule 2024, you should look out for an official confirmation which we will definitely cover in this website. So, do bookmark the website.

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TATA IPL 2024 Schedule PDF Download

Click here to download the TATA IPL 2024 Schedule PDF.

The schedule will be updated once officially will be released

Download the TATA IPL 2024 Schedule PDF

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TATA IPL 2024 Prediction

After seeing a last ball finish in TATA IPL 2023, thanks to CSK and Ravindra Jadeja, fans could not have asked for more from cricket gods. But IPL never ceases to surprise us with the most amazing twists and turns. When you have a look at the IPL schedule 2024, you will see that there are some amazing match-ups in this year’s IPL season too that will give the fans a perfect dose of entertainment. 

Cricket enthusiasts are closely eyeing the IPL 2024 schedule for the match where Royal Challengers Bangalore are locking horns with Lucknow Supergiants. The two IPL franchises established a famous rivalry in the IPL 2023. 

Mumbai Indians, who made it  to the playoffs but could not reach the finals, would be looking to take the trophy home as skipper Rohit Sharma has a habit of getting many trophies home for his team. 

However, the strongest team is definitely going to be Gujarat Titans. Ever since the franchise has joined the world of IPL, it has looked perfect. Hardik Pandya and his men have made sure that the team combinations produce nothing less than a win.  

Chennai Super Kings too will be a perfect contender for the IPL trophy but things will hugely depend on whether their skipper MS Dhoni will be playing or not. The legendary wicket-keeper had said during the conclusion ceremony of the IPL 2023 Final that he might play in the IPL 2024 if he thinks he is fit enough. We will have to wait and watch for this one. 

In the end, if you like this article on the IPL 2024 Schedule, do show your love in the comments and let us know what do you think about this amazing celebration of cricket!

IPL 2024 Schedule : FAQs

Q1. When TATA IPL 2024 Will Start?

The TATA IPL 2024 Start date is expected to be 1st April. It is also being assumed that the first match will be held at the Chepauk Stadium in Chennai.

Q2. Will There be a New IPL Team in 2024?

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has not yet announced any such detail. So, it is assumed that IPL 2024 will be played among 10 teams like it has been in the last two seasons.

Q3. Where will be IPL 2024?

There will be a total of 78 matches in the TATA IPL 2024 and the games will happen in the home grounds of the teams participating in the league.

Q4. Who Is RCB 2024 Captain?

The Royal Challengers Bangalore franchise has announced that their star batsman Faf Du Plesis will lead RCB in the TATA IPL 2024.

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