ICC T20 World Cup 2024 Schedule: Check Match List, Time Table, Fixtures

The cricketing world is abuzz with anticipation as the ICC T20 World Cup 2024 approaches, promising a spectacle of skill, strategy, and nail-biting moments. Fans and cricket enthusiasts are eager to dive into the heart of the action, with the release of the much-anticipated T20 World Cup 2024 schedule.

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T20 World Cup 2024 Schedule
T20 World Cup 2024 Schedule

T20 World Cup Schedule 2024: Mark Your Calendars!

Featuring 15-20 matches that promise to be a riveting display of cricketing prowess, has been unveiled by the International Cricket Council (ICC). Cricket aficionados can now plan their days around the highly awaited clashes of top cricketing nations.

The 9th edition of the Men’s Cricket World Cup Tournament is set to be organised by the International Cricket Council (ICC) or BCCI, commencing on June 4, 2024. The Men’s National Cricket Team is gearing up to participate in this thrilling tournament, with West Indies and USA jointly hosting the ICC T20 World Cup 2024.

Adhering to the Twenty20 International format, each match will consist of 20 overs, adding an element of fast-paced excitement to the competition. Under the One Day International (ODI) series format, 20 different teams will engage in spirited battles, contributing to a grand total of 55 matches throughout the World Cup.

Cricket enthusiasts eagerly await the release of the ICC T20 World Cup 2024 Schedule Team Wise, which promises to outline the matches in detail. Fans can satiate their curiosity by visiting the official website t20worldcup.com, where the schedule will be made available shortly.

The ICC Men’s T20 WC Team List 2024 comprises 18 confirmed qualifiers, with the remaining two yet to be announced. Notably, Nepal and Oman have secured spots in the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2024 after a prolonged absence from such prestigious tournaments.

To ensure they don’t miss out on the action, ardent fans are encouraged to book their match tickets online through various apps. Given the limited availability of seats, prompt online booking is advisable once the link becomes active on the portals.

Adding a historic touch to the upcoming tournament, the World Cup will be the first of its kind to feature matches played in the United States, heightening the global appeal of the event. This article aims to provide readers with comprehensive details about the T20 world cup schedule 2024, capturing the essence of excitement and anticipation surrounding the ICC T20 World Cup.

ICC T20 World Cup 2024 Match List: Clash of the Titans

This is a testament to the competitive spirit of the participating teams. With 4-5 matches featuring some of the cricketing giants, fans can expect a rollercoaster of emotions as teams strive for T20 glory.

T20 world cup schedule 2024

Tournament Name ICC T20 World Cup 
Conducted byInternational Cricket Council
Year 2024
Game FormatGroup Stage and Knockout 
No. of Teams 20 teams 
No. of matches 55 matches 
ICC T20 WC Schedule 2024To be released
First Match of tournament1st June, 2024
Last Match of tournament29th June, 2024
Venue  United States and West Indies

ICC T20 World Cup 2024 Groups

Group A
5United States of America
Group B
Group C
1New Zealand
2South Africa
3West Indies
4Sri Lanka
Group D
4Papua New Guinea

T20 World Cup 2024 Time Table Unveiled

Cricket enthusiasts can now plan their days with the release of the time table, featuring 7-8 action-packed days of cricketing excitement. From day-night clashes to high-octane encounters under stadium lights, the time table promises a cricketing spectacle like no other.

Here is the full ICC T20 world cup 2024 schedule but readers must note that this is not the final version as some official updates from the ICC is yet to follow.     

DateMatchVenueTime (IST)
Sat, 1 June 2024USA v CANADADallas06:00
Sun, 2 June 2024WEST INDIES v PAPUA NEW GUINEAGuyana20:00
Sun, 2 June 2024NAMIBIA v OMANBarbados06:00
Mon, 3 June 2024SL v SOUTH AFRICANew York20:00
Mon, 3 June 2024AFGHANISTAN v UGANDAGuyana06:00
Tue, 4 June 2024ENGLAND v SCOTLANDBarbados20:00
Tue, 4 June 2024NETHERLANDS v NEPALDallas21:00
Wed, 5 June 2024INDIA v IRELANDNew York20:00
Wed, 5 June 2024PAPUA NEW GUINEA v UGANDAGuyana05:00
Wed, 5 June 2024AUSTRALIA v OMANBarbados06:00
Thur, 6 June 2024USA v PAKISTANDallas21:00
Thur, 6 June 2024NAMIBIA v SCOTLANDBarbados00:30
Fri, 7 June 2024CANADA v IRELANDNew York20:00
Fri, 7 June 2024NEW ZEALAND v AFGHANISTANGuyana05:00
Fri, 7 June 2024SRI LANKA v BANGLADESHDallas06:00
Sat, 8 June 2024NETHERLANDS v SOUTH AFRICANew York20:00
Sat, 8 June 2024AUSTRALIA v ENGLANDBarbados22:30
Sat, 8 June 2024WEST INDIES v UGANDAGuyana06:00
Sun, 9 June 2024INDIA v PAKISTANNew York20:00
Sun, 9 June 2024OMAN v SCOTLANDAntigua22:30
Mon, 10 June 2024SOUTH AFRICA v BANGLADESHNew York20:00
Tue, 11 June 2024PAKISTAN v CANADANew York20:00
Tue, 11 June 2024SRI LANKA v NEPALFlorida05:00
Tue, 11 June 2024AUSTRALIA v NAMIBIAAntigua06:00
Wed, 12 June 2024USA v INDIANew York20:00
Wed, 12 June 2024WEST INDIES v NEW ZEALANDTrinidad06:00
Thur, 13 June 2024ENGLAND v OMANAntigua20:00
Thur, 13 June 2024BANGLADESH v NETHERLANDSSt. Vincent00:30
Thur, 13 June 2024AFGHANISTAN v PAPUA NEW GUINEATrinidad06:00
Fri, 14 June 2024USA v IRELANDFlorida20:00
Fri, 14 June 2024SOUTH AFRICA v NEPALSt. Vincent05:00
Fri, 14 June 2024NEW ZEALAND v UGANDATrinidad06:00
Sat, 15 June 2024INDIA v CANADAFlorida20:00
Sat, 15 June 2024NAMIBIA v ENGLANDAntigua22:30
Sat, 15 June 2024AUSTRALIA v SCOTLANDSt. Lucia06:00
Sun, 16 June 2024PAKISTAN v IRELANDFlorida20:00
Sun, 16 June 2024BANGLADESH v NEPALSt. Vincent05:00
Sun, 16 June 2024SRI LANKA v NETHERLANDSSt. Lucia06:00
Mon, 17 June 2024NEW ZEALAND v PAPUA NEW GUINEATrinidad20:00
Mon, 17 June 2024WEST INDIES v AFGHANISTANSt. Lucia06:00
Wed, 19 June 2024A2 v D1Antigua
Wed, 19 June 2024B1 v C2St. Lucia
Thur, 20 June 2024C1 v A1Barbados
Thur, 20 June 2024B2 v D2Antigua
Fri, 21 June 2024B1 v D1St. Lucia
Fri, 21 June 2024A2 v C2Barbados
Sat, 22 June 2024A1 v D2Antigua
Sat, 22 June 2024C1 v B2St. Vincent
Sun, 23 June 2024A2 v B1Barbados
Sun, 23 June 2024C2 v D1Antigua
Mon, 24 June 2024B2 v A1St. Lucia
Mon, 24 June 2024C1 v D2St. Vincent
Wed, 26 June 2024Semi 1Guyana
Thur, 27 June 2024Semi 2Trinidad
Sat, 29 June 2024FinalBarbados

ICC T20 World Cup 2024 Schedule PDF: Your Comprehensive Guide

For those who prefer a tangible guide to the cricketing extravaganza, the ICC has also released the schedule PDF. This 2-3 page document is a treasure trove of information, providing fans with an easy-to-access reference for the entire tournament.

As the countdown to the ICC T20 World Cup 2024 begins, cricket fans around the globe are gearing up for a month-long celebration of their favourite sport.

The T20 world cup schedule 2024, match list, and time table are not just pieces of information; they are the building blocks of an unforgettable cricketing saga that will unfold on the fields of competition. So, mark your calendars, grab your jerseys, and get ready for the T20 World Cup 2024 – a cricketing extravaganza that promises to captivate hearts and minds worldwide.

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Q1. When is the ICC T20 World Cup 2024 happening?

Mark your calendars! The ICC T20 World Cup 2024 kicks off on June 4th and runs until June 30th, 2024. Get ready for a month of electrifying cricket across the West Indies and the United States.

Q2. Where can I find the official T20 world cup schedule 2024?

Stay tuned to our website to view the all fixtures and the full match list. Don’t miss out on a single ball of the action!

Q4. Is there a T20 world cup 2024 schedule pdf available?

The official t20 world cup 2024 schedule pdf will be available on our website as soon as the final schedule is confirmed. Once available, you can easily download it and keep it handy for all your planning needs.

Q5. How many matches are there in the T20 world cup 2024?

Get ready for a cricket marathon! The ICC T20 World Cup 2024 boasts a whopping 55 matches, with 20 teams battling it out for the ultimate trophy. Prepare for an action-packed month of unforgettable cricket moments.

Q6. How diverse are the fixtures in the T20 World Cup 2024 schedule?

The fixtures in this schedule are a diverse mix of high-stakes clashes, featuring cricketing powerhouses in intense battles. From group stage encounters to nail-biting knockout rounds, the schedule promises a riveting display of T20 cricket.

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