Why Gautam Gambhir Said, Maxwell better than Kohli ?

There is a heated argument on the IPL ground after Royal Challengers Bangalore star player Virat Kohli and Kolkata Knight Riders head coach Gautam Gambhir got into an argument over the strike rate dispute.

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Gautam vs Kohli 2024
Gautam vs Kohli 2024

Gambhir says that Maxwell can do what Kohli cannot do, while Kohli supported his views.

Kohli’s game has seen a promising boost in the IPL, but he has faced several controversies regarding his strike rate. Virat Kohli has scored 430 runs in nine matches, which also includes a century of 113 runs. Apart from this, he has also hit 40 fours and 17 sixes.

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Gambhir said that strike rate is subjective and depends on the match situation. Quoting Sports, he said about Kohli’s strike rate in IPL,

“Every player’s game is different. What Maxwell can do, Kohli can’t do and what Kohli can do, Maxwell can’t do. You have to have different types of players.” If you have explosive batsmen from No. 1 to No. 8 in your XI, you can score 300 runs but also get out for 30 runs.”

Gambhir further said that the strike rate is subjective and depends on the requirements of the match. That is, “When you win, even a strike rate of 100 is good. But when you lose despite a strike rate of 180, no one talks about it. This is the reality.”

Gambhir also talked openly about his relationship with Virat and said that

“It’s all about TRP. The media hasn’t got a clue what kind of person I am, what kind of person Virat is. The media only wants publicity. But publicity can be created in a positive way too.”

Agreeing with Virat on people being ‘disappointed’ after the hug, Gambhir said, “I completely agree with what Virat said. Log ka masala nahi mila toh (gossip is over for people). Like I said, when two people are mature enough, I don’t think anyone has any right to interfere in two people’s lives or their relationships because ultimately, it’s between them.

The debate has further heated up the atmosphere in the IPL, and provoked dialogue between players and coaches. Now it has to be seen whether this debate has any effect or not.

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