Watch Viral Video: Babar Azam’s ridiculous conversation with his partner !

Pakistan cricket’s legendary captain, Babar Azam, has recently generated bullying rumors on social media through a video. In this video, Azam Khan showed some stupidity with his fellow cricketer, due to which he had to face criticism from people on social media.

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Babar Azam's ridiculous conversation with Azam
Babar Azam’s ridiculous conversation with Azam

The incident occurred during the five-match T20 series ahead of the T20 World Cup 2024. Pakistan team has reached England, where they will be a part of this series. However, his journey has been highlighted by a video, after taking cognizance of which the condition of cricket lovers has become sad.

The video shows off-camera Babar Azam and his fellow cricketer, wicketkeeper-batsman Azam Khan, discussing the heat while sitting in a Bus.

In this absurd conversation, Babar Azam asks his companion, “Abba, what has happened? Is it hot?”

Azam Khan says, “It is very hot” and is then seen wiping his sweat with British currency notes. Babar Azam and others were heard laughing at this gesture of Azam Khan.

This video quickly went viral on social media and created a huge stir among cricket lovers, many reactions are coming on social media regarding this behavior of this great captain of Pakistan cricket.

People’s reactions to viral video 

  • Many fans are considering it shameful and inappropriate, while some people are considering it ignorant.
  • “Barring a few rare people, no one has any kind of charisma and influence in the sporting history of Pakistan.
  • One user wrote on social media, “The current situation is absolutely disappointing.”
  • “That’s why we always keep saying that basic education is very important, these people travel all over the world but do not learn basic human values. Please send them to school before sending them to the international stage,” said another.
  • Another wrote, “People are dying in Pakistan due to food shortage and instead of donating money to them, this man is paying for internet wifi and expensive mobiles and sitting under one roof making fun of poor people Is.”
  • Another wrote, “People in Pakistan are craving for daily needs of bread and cricketers are shamelessly posting such videos.”

People are keeping an eye on the performance of Pakistan cricket team’s teammates in this video to see if they are undermining the confidence of their team with such behavior.

No official statement has come yet in the matter related to the behavior of this prominent player of Pakistan cricket, although it is being taken seriously.

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