Why can Dhoni announce his retirement on Instagram only?

MS Dhoni has not officially announced his retirement from IPL, but fans might have already turned on the notifications of MS Dhoni’s Instagram posts in the hope that he might give big news like in 2019. And we have good reason to believe that he may retire.

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MS Dhoni

Instagram is the way to announce his IPL retirement as Dhoni prefers Instagram over Twitter.

Dhoni’s thoughts on Twitter vs Instagram

“I like Instagram more than Twitter. Twitter, I believe nothing good has happened on Twitter. You know, especially in India, there is always controversy. Anyone will write anything and it will create a controversy. I was like, you know, why do I need to be there? You know, it used to be 140 characters. You can’t elaborate. Imagine I’m putting something out there, and then it’s left up to people to read, and they interpret what they want to interpret.

So, I’m like, no, no, it’s not really for me. Instagram still, I like it because, you know, I can put my picture or video or something and leave it at that. That too is changing now. So I still love Instagram, but I’m not very active because, I don’t know, I think, you know, less distractions is better, but every now and then, I’ll put something up for the fans. Will be, you know, so they know, OK, I’m somewhere in good, you know, in good hands. So I’m doing what I love,” he said.

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Dhoni’s thoughts: How to handle yourself after defeat?

“Can I learn something from this and can I separate myself a little bit from the outcome? Yes, we all feel sad when we lose, when we cannot achieve our goals. But what is important is to learn from it. But in modern times, we are so focused on the outcome that, you know, we keep thinking about it. And later, when you start moving forward, you do the right thing, that is, okay, you learn from it. You don’t take the consequences, you learn, okay. “These are areas where we need to improve to achieve our goals, whether it’s the next game or the next quarter.”

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