Hardik Pandya broke his silence after the IPL controversy, said “I face everything with courage.”

Hardik Pandya, a great representative of Indian cricket, has recently emerged as the captain of his team Mumbai Indians. But his journey has not been easy.

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Hardik Pandya
Hardik Pandya

Hardik has faced many difficulties in his cricket career. He admitted that life has put him in many situations where hard work is necessary for success.

Hardik Pandya broke his silence after the IPL controversy

He said that leaving the cricket field does not mean that he gives up his goals.

He said on Star Sports, the broadcaster of this year’s T20 World Cup.

“Ultimately, I believe that you have to stay in the fight. Many times life puts you in situations where things are difficult, but I believe that if you leave the game or the field, give up the fight, you will not get what you want from your game, or you will not get the result you are looking for.”

“So, yes, it has been difficult, but at the same time, I have been motivated by the process, I have tried to follow the same routines that I used to follow earlier,”

As Hardik himself says, “I face everything with courage.” He doesn’t take his successes too seriously, but always has a mind to move forward.

He also accepts the bad times that come in everyone’s life. He understood that hard work is necessary for success, and he stays motivated in the process.

“I don’t take my successes too seriously. Whatever good I have done, I have immediately forgotten it and moved on. It is the same with difficult times,” he said. “I don’t run away from it. I face everything with courage.

Finally, Hardik concluded by saying, “As they say, this too shall pass. So coming out [of these phases] is simple: just play the game, accept that [you] need to improve your skills, keep working hard – hard work never goes in vain – and keep smiling.”

This excellence and resilience of Hardik inspires his well-wishers even outside the cricket field. He teaches that to succeed in life, we have to face every challenge, and do it with courage and enthusiasm.

In this way, Hardik Pandya is not only an excellent cricketer, but he is also an inspiration and support, who motivates everyone to move towards success in their lives.

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