Finally Gautam Gambhir said, “I would like to be the coach of the Indian team”

Ever since the BCCI has been looking for a new Indian coach after Rahul Dravid, many names have come up in the race for this post, one of which is Gautam Gambhir.

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Gautam Gambhir

After KKR’s spectacular victory in IPL 2024, fans praised Gautam a lot, and there were talks about him contributing as the head coach of Team India, about which Gautam Gambhir remained silent for a few days, but now he has broken his silence.

At an event in Abu Dhabi, Gautam Gambhir said

“I would like to be the coach of the Indian team. There is no greater honor than being the coach of your national team. You are representing 140 crore Indians and people around the world.”

This statement of Gautam Gambhir shows that he is proud to be the head coach of the Indian cricket team. He believes that this is no ordinary task, but a great honor that gives him the opportunity to play an important role for his country.

Gambhir also highlighted in his speech that winning the World Cup requires not only the players but also the prayers of the countrymen. He also said that the dream of winning the World Cup is not only of the players but of the entire country. And to fulfill it, everyone has to work together.

Apart from this, he shared his experience and said that playing with passion and enthusiasm here always helps in the direction of victory. He also showed what methods can be adopted for victory and how a good team can be built.

He further said, “A safe dressing room is a happy dressing room and a happy dressing room eventually becomes a winning dressing room. All I did in KKR was follow this mantra. By the grace of God, it really worked.”

These words of Gambhir inspire and teach not only in the game of cricket but also in every field of life. From his words, we get the lesson that to fulfill dreams, we have to work hard with diligence, and when we work together, any difficulty is surmountable.

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