According to MS Dhoni, why is CSK’s Success different from other teams?

Chennai Super Kings (CSK) cricket team has decorated its name with many successes in the Indian Premier League (IPL). Former team captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni has recently given a big message explaining his team’s strategy.

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CSK Former Captain MS Dhoni
CSK Former Captain MS Dhoni

According to him, giving priority to the interests of the team is the basis of success, be it with any big name player or difficulty in handling the team environment.

Dhoni said that when any player is included in the team, his identity should not only lie in his playing ability but he should also fit into the team’s organization and environment.

If a player is not able to meet this standard, he is expected to control himself and concentrate towards the team’s goals. Dhoni also revealed that if a player is not felt to fit in with the organisation, a decision is taken to let him go.

MS Dhoni
MS Dhoni

Dhoni shines in a CSK team video,

where he reveals that despite having good players in the team, he is ready to bring in everyone who can help the team achieve its goals. This shows his dedication towards his leadership and team organisation.

he said: “We get a very good player on our team, but he’s drastically different from our environment. So what do we look for? We want him to take that one step towards the team’s goal and we are happy to take three steps towards him,”

But, if a player is not felt to fit in with the organisation, Dhoni and the CSK management do not hesitate in letting him go. He made it clear that he is ready to take this step to take the right decision keeping in mind the interests of the team.

Further Dhoni said, “But he has to be ready to take this step also. If he doesn’t take the first step, I can take the other option, but at some point of time I will have to take a decision. I don’t want the entire team to depend on one person.” So, you have to let him go, but someone else may come and take his place. Yes, but he will help the team perform better.”

CSK’s 2024 IPL season faced many challenges for the team. Injuries and unavailability of some key bowlers troubled the team, but Dhoni helped the team overcome those challenges. He recognized the importance of fear and pressure, saying that without these emotions he could not succeed.

This message from Dhoni shows that organization, strength, and enthusiasm are most important for a successful team. Under his leadership, the CSK team has proven that they are ready to face any challenge, and his mindset and leadership always propels them towards their goals.

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