Ex-Kenyan player accused of match-fixing against Uganda !

Match-Fixing: A new challenge has arisen in the ICC’s efforts against corruption in cricket, while a serious case has come to light against Uganda recently.

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The ICC’s Anti-Corruption Unit has taken immediate action on the report of contact made by a former Kenyan international with a Ugandan player.

The incident took place during the league stage matches in Guyana, where a former Kenyan fast bowler tried to contact a member of the Ugandan team several times from different numbers. The Ugandan player immediately reported the matter to ICC officials.

A source told PTI, “It is not surprising that this person targeted a player of the Ugandan national team. Associate countries are easier targets for corruption than the big teams, but in this case the player who was contacted took the necessary action by informing the ICC as soon as possible.”

After this, the ICC has immediately issued a warning to the cricket community and all the associate teams have been informed about the matter. Under the Anti-Corruption Code, any unauthorized contact by a player is considered a serious offence and can lead to severe punishment.

The ICC has recently amended its Anti-Corruption Code to ensure more effective investigations to maintain the integrity of the game. Its aim is to fight corruption and ensure clean play.

Similar cases have come to light in the Indian cricket administration as well, in which several players were accused of betting. This clearly indicates that the stringency and efficacy of the provisions of the ICC Anti-Corruption Code need further improvement, so that the truth and fairness of the game can be ensured.

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