Cricketer Sumit Kumar: From Stardom to Heartbreak, Losing INR 1 Crore IPL Contract

The IPL 2024 auction, held at the Coca-Cola Arena in Dubai on December 19, was a platform where young cricketers witnessed their dreams take flight as they were signed for astounding sums. Among these budding talents was Jharkhand’s wicket-keeper batter, Sumit Kumar. Starting with a base price of INR 20 lakh, Sumit’s impressive skills fetched him a whopping INR 1 Crore deal with the Delhi Capitals.

A Mother’s Tears Turned to Disappointment:

As Sumit conveyed the exhilarating news to his mother, tears of joy streamed down her face. However, their happiness was short-lived when they discovered that the Delhi Capitals had mistakenly shared a photograph of a different cricketer with the same name from Haryana, leaving them bewildered.

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Sumit Kumar
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Expressing his frustration, Sumit shared the emotional ordeal with Times of India. “My mother was overjoyed. Her prayers had finally been answered, but how could such a mix-up occur? While it’s possible for names to coincide, there was my photo, my name on display. It was a huge letdown,” he revealed.

Further narrating the incident, Sumit disclosed that the auction broadcaster even showcased his photograph during the bidding process. “I couldn’t console my mother. She was overwhelmed. Seeing my name and photo on the television screen brought immense joy, but this shocking incident shattered us. Delhi Capitals is a reputed team, and I never expected them to play with a cricketer’s emotions. It deeply hurt me and my family,” he added, clearly distraught.

Source: Sumit Kumar’s Post (Twitter)

Sumit also mentioned that Delhi Capitals’ Instagram handle had posted a congratulatory message with his photo, which was later deleted after a couple of hours. “They not only featured my picture but also searched and tagged me. The notification made me completely confident. However, when they removed it later on, I was utterly confused and shocked,” Sumit shared with disappointment.

Sumit’s Remarkable Journey:

Hailing from Bokaro, Sumit discovered his passion for cricket at the tender age of 10, inspired by his father, who worked as a mechanic. Representing Jharkhand’s senior team in the 2014-15 season, Sumit decided to relocate to Nagaland recently, in pursuit of better opportunities. With an extensive cricket career comprising 20 First Class, 26 List-A, and 21 T20 matches, this right-handed batter has displayed his prowess on various occasions.

Sumit’s Gratitude towards MS Dhoni:

Acknowledging his role model, Sumit credits his learnings to the legendary cricketer, MS Dhoni. “I have been fortunate to have Mahi bhai (MS Dhoni) as my mentor. Interacting with him and absorbing his wisdom in the dressing room has been monumental. It was because of him that I took up wicket-keeping. He has always treated me like a younger brother. Although I feel disappointed now, I am determined to stay focused and work tirelessly towards my ultimate goal,” Sumit expressed with unwavering determination.


The IPL 2024 auction brought both joy and laughter as Sumit Kumar’s dream signing for the Delhi Capitals featured the wrong photograph, briefly dampening the celebration. Nonetheless, with a passion fueled by his idol MS Dhoni and an unyielding spirit, Sumit remains steadfast in his cricketing journey, ready to conquer new heights and prove his mettle in the T20 leagues. The mix-up may have been an unexpected twist, but Sumit Kumar is prepared to rise above and make his mark in the world of cricket.

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